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    For Conductor Services and Pile Drilling requirements in
    the Western Arctic

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Our Services

Supply and Installationof Ad-freeze piles

Supply and Installation
of Ad-freeze piles

Supply and installationof Thermo-piles

Supply and installation
of Thermo-piles

Oilfield Conductor Installation

Oilfield Conductor Installation

Cast-in-placeConcrete Piles

Concrete Piles

Western Arctic

Tundra Drilling offers the following services:

  • Supply and Installation of Ad-freeze piles
  • Supply and installation of Thermo-piles
  • Geo-technical Drilling Services
  • Environmental Drilling Services

Tundra is a supplier of piles and steel products and maintains an on-hand inventory of angles, channels, flats, plate and other structural steel for use on our own projects and for sale to clients. We also offer welding and fabrication services both in-shop and also with mobile units available for field repair and construction services.

Drilling Equipment: Watson 2500, Watson 2100 and Texoma 700

Tundra also has the following equipment available for rent:

  • Demag AC80-1, 100-ton Mobile Crane
  • Linkbelt HTC-50 Mobile Crane
  • John Deere 544 Loader
  • Cat Telehandler
  • JLG-600S Manlift
  • Various scissor lifts
  • Bobcat Loader
  • Grout pumping equipment

  • Tundra Drilling Landing

    We are your contractor of choice for drilling services in the Western Arctic.

Our Equipment


Texoma 700

Truck-mounted/Tri-drive. Ideal for mobile work projects, drill depth to 60', high torque, commercial and industrial drilling projects, elevator shafts, pre-drilling for screw and driven piles.


Watson 2100

Truck-mounted/Tri-drive. Ideal for mobile work projects, drill depth to 65', high torque, commercial and industrial drilling projects, elevator shafts, pre-drilling for screw and driven piles.

tundra drilling equipment2

Watson 2500

Truck-mounted/Tri-Drive. Oilfield conductor installation, drills up to 120' in depth and 84" in diameter. Projects include any larger piling projects, booster can installations, elevator shafts and bridge piles.



Peterbilt Tri-Drive tractors with 53' service trailers fully equipped for conductor services projects, large supply of various tooling and augers, core barrels, liner casing, belling tools and augers from 12" – 84".




Our Safety Commitment

Tundra Drilling's success comes from our never-ending focus on ensuring quality work and a safe and efficient workplace. Our goal is to do the work right – the first time, and every time, without errors or incidents.

Every Day Starts and Ends Safely

We want our team to feel safe at all times, no matter where the job takes them. We do this by ensuring that employees at every level become an integral part of our safety initiatives. Every member of our team has a part to play, and our commitment to keeping communication open in the workplace means that no safety concern goes unnoticed.

How We Develop Our Safety Culture

Senior Management's safety stewardship includes broad engagement in the development and deployment of our safety processes. We specify our safety goals and targets, and commit to meeting them.

Field Level Supervisors actively support our safety culture, interacting and mentoring staff, engaging everyone on the worksite. They review our progress toward safety goals, conduct regular site inspections, investigate incidents and facilitate all aspects of the safety program.

Workers make our safety program happen. They observe and manage hazards at the workplace, share observations with supervision and actively watch out for each other.

Our Safety Management System

The company utilizes an online data management system called SafetySync to manage its Safety Management System. From an HR perspective, the system manages employee information, training documentation and competency assessments. SafetySync also manages due diligence requirements, such as general inspection records, hazard assessment records, toolbox and safety meeting records. Incidents and investigations are also managed by this fully cloud-based tool. Full visibility and reports are easily provided to all clients and auditors. Upon request, we can develop a custom reporting package specific to a client, based on their HSE requirements.


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